A Glimpse at Our History


Saber Publishing began in 1993 with the publication of "Inglés Esencial©" - a flipguide to help Spanish speakers learn English language skills. What began essentially as a favor for a neighbor, has grown into a company publishing a growing collection of unique, high-quality informational flipguide booklets.They all share the same basic theme - making information easily accessible. Nobody wants to thumb through pages of unintelligible gibberish to find the answer to a simple question.

From our modest beginning, hand assembling our flipguides and operating out of a garage in Watsonville, California, our books can now be found almost everywhere, in the hands of people working in education, school-to-career, business, healthcare, government, technology and the community. One of our books, "Career Passport - How to Get (and Keep) a Job©" for example, is part of the curriculum in major school districts throughout the nation.

We concentrate on topics that help people: "Inglés Esencial©" offers a bridge for non-English speakers; "Career Passport©" provides direction and advice to young people looking for work; "PocketDoc©" and Mini Médico©" make emergency medical information quickly available to people in need; and now "PocketVet™©" our first aid guide for pets... (I wish I had this one back in 1996, but that's another story).

We care deeply about what we do and how we do it. And... we care about the people who will eventually use our flipguides. We live in an ever-confusing age and if our flipguides can help someone find information quickly and easily, we'll be happy.

On a final note - we've moved 40 miles south to Sausalito, California, right across the bay from San Francisco. We're now a bit closer to the entrepreneurial talent and energy the San Francisco Bay area is famous for and...closer to the bay itself, both factors will play an important role in some of the new flipguides we've scheduled. Check back with us.We're here to stay.

Be well,
Bill Hafferty, Publisher

Saber publishes books of good heart.

Let us put information in the palm of your hand™...

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Saber Publishing is a Certified California Small Business - #49654