Thank-you for taking the time to consider our flipguides.

Saber's philosophy from the beginning has been to develop and publish useful information of lasting value in an accessible flipguide format. We live in an ever-confusing age and if our little flipguides can make life easier or more comprehensible, we'll be happy.

And... our flipguides make information available even when you don't have cell service.

I want to thank all the Tech Prep Coordinators and Federal Job Corps Centers throughout the nation for their enthusiastic reception to our flipguides. From coast-to-coast Career Passport™© is fast becoming the standard in career guidance. And... we have other titles scheduled that I know you'll want to include in your toolbox.


Bill Haffery, Publisher

And... please take a moment and check out PocketDoc™©" and MiniMédico™©.

Our health is our most precious asset. It is also our responsibility. As health care costs rise, we all have to learn to take better care of ourselves and our families.

PocketDoc™©" and MiniMédico™© have been expanded and revised to help you quickly decide whether a particular problem needs professional medical attention or can be safely handled at home, or on the job. This translates into better health, less time off work and fewer costly visits to the emergency room.

And, during a crisis, when emergency healthcare services are stretched to the limit and you have no power or cell service, these flipguides can help people take care of themselves until help is available.

In use by community healthcare centers, clinics, emergency management agencies, corporations and businesses, PocketDoc™© and MiniMédico™© provide self-care tools to help people take better care of themselves and their families.

Join organizations from coast to coast and integrate PocketDoc™©" and MiniMédico™© into your employee, patient or community education program. You'll see that it makes a positive difference. If you'd like a sample, please give me a call: 800.552.0487

Note: We have decided to stop taking credit cards. The majority of schools and organizations who use our flipguides, pay by check or direct deposit. Each day we read about more credit card information being stolen. That won't happen with us. We hope you will not find this an inconvenience.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.
Bill Hafferty

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