First Aid for Your Pet
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Simply the most concise, authoritative emergency first aid guide available for dogs and cats."From "Vehicle Accidents" to "Vaccinations;" "Broken Nails" to "Skin Problems," PocketVet™© has over 45 organized first aid and wellness categories containing precise, straight forward, easy-to-read treatments and procedures that actually work. PocketVet™© can help you decide what you can safely treat at home and when to contact your vet. And Saber's unique flipguide format puts all the information at your fingertips.

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By William Hafferty - Illustrated by Bridget Spicer
ISBN 0-9636603-3-0

If you have animal companions in your life - you need PocketVet™©. It's the perfect gift for a new (or seasoned) pet owner.

*Thanks to Highways Magazine (The Good Sam Club) for the kind mention in their publication!

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PocketVet™© is dedicated with love to
Snoozer, Callie, Toby, Smokey and... Bob.

"When your pet is sick and you're flipping out, PocketVet© is just what you need. Thanks for the great resource."
Diane Cohan - Santa Cruz, CA
"PS-I love the cartoons, especially the dog with the thermometer..."


"PocketVet... packs more valuable information in a small place than we have ever seen! At only $4.95 this is one of the most reasonable pet health care items we have seen in a long time. We think that every pet owner should have a copy of PocketVet close at hand." --The Pet Project

Special thanks to Dan Forman, DVM, Jackson Hole, Wyoming for his sharp eyes and a great review!