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A palm-sized prescription for health and safety, PocketDoc™© is a self-care, emergency medical health guide with topics ranging from Bites and Stings to CPR and Rescue Breathing; from Depression and Mood Disorder to Headaches... Over 50 organized medical categories that offer precise, straight forward, easy-to-read treatments and procedures to keep you healthy and help you in a crisis.

Pocket© can help you quickly decide whether a problem needs professional medical attention, or can be safely treated at home or on the job – reducing anxiety and absenteeism. Providing the right answers quickly can avert a serious medical crisis, saving costly visits to the emergency room.

Exhaustively reviewed by medical and safety experts in every category, PocketDoc™© offers comprehensive and clearly illustrated answers to your medical health and emergency questions - when you need them!

Currently in use by school districts, medical health plans, fire departments, public health agencies and business, PocketDoc© is an indispensable part of any medical education or patient preparedness program. Call for information on how to get PocketDoc© for your agency.

"PocketDoc™© is expertly presented and a valuable resource that I will definitely use."
Richard Coorsh, Director of Communications
Health Insurance Association of America

$4.95 each.

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Minimedico Flipguide


Not simply translated, but entirely rewritten in Spanish, Mini Médico™ offers the Spanish reader instant access to all the same subjects and vital medical information as PocketDoc©.

"The Spanish in MiniMédico is user friendly and easy to understand. Everyone from farm workers to professionals will be safer with a copy of MiniMédico."
Arcadio Viveros, Executive Director
Salud Para La Gente

$4.95 each

(Call for quantity pricing.)

Original PocketDoc Flipguide

PocketDoc© (w/logo)

On orders of 5,000 or more, you can add your logo to PocketDoc© and offer your employees, customers or clients substantive medical information in a format that they will keep and use. Please contact us for more information.

PocketDoc™ is your palm-size prescription for family health and safety.

"PocketDoc™ - first aid essentials at a finger flip. It’s portable, simple, straightforward, authoritative and unambiguous. PocketDoc’s organized categories of do’s and don’t offer precise procedures that actually work."
-Bill Ingram, Editor Emeritus / The Medical Tribune

as shown - customized for
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Santa Clara, California

If you want to provide emergency medical information to your employees, plan members, clients, customers, or the community in a convenient format that they will actually keep and use - let SABER customize PocketDoc™ or MiniMédico™ for you.
In an emergency you need information quickly... SABER has it!
Our thanks to those who reviewed and improved PocketDoc™©
Diana Aumack, RN - Pediatric Nursing
Satish Chandra, MD - Internist
Claudia Chaufan, MD - Internist / Specialist in Diabetes
Nancy Forsberg, RN - Health Education
Joe Gallagher, MD - General Practice / Geriatrics
Kent Imai, MD Internist
Susan Karlins, MPH - Health Education
Robert Moler, MD - Pediatrics
Loretta Rao, MD - Pediatrics
Jeffrey Solinas, MD - General Practice
David Werner - Author ("Where There is No Doctor") A wonderful resource, available in many languages.
Bill Ingram, Editor Emeritus - The Medical Tribune
As individuals we have an obligation to do everything we can to help ourselves and others. During a crisis or disaster, our health and emergency service agencies - fire, ambulance, police - are going to be strained. Communication may be slowed or interrupted. PocketDoc™© can help you weather a crisis - natural or otherwise.