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Inglés Esencial™

English language skills for Spanish-speakers
Inglés Esencial™ offers instant English language skills for Spanish speakers. Fully transliterated for easy pronunciation, this invaluable booklet offers over 1,000 words and phrases that we all use on a day-to-day basis.
Inglés Esencial™ was written with the direct participation of the people who can use it - the Spanish speaking community.

"These convenient, accurate booklets are a treasure because they provide a vehicle for open communication among the Spanish-speaking community, school, business and employers.
Dr. Paul Nava, Director
Migrant Education - Region XI
Pájaro Valley Unified School District


Inglés Esencial WPD

Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™

Community Relations & English language skills
Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ was created to strengthen relationships between public safety agencies and the Spanish-speaking community. This booklet combines language skills elements of Inglés Esencial™ with useful public safety information such as: How to get help in an emergency; What to do it you're involved in an accident...
Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ is a valuable tool for encouraging open communication in multilingual communities.

"Community response to Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ has been very positive.
We’ve used it with excellent results."
Lt. Manny Solano, Watsonville Police Department


SABER Language Guides offer a unique way to reach-out to the non-English speaking community with something valuable and concrete - communication skills.

The simple acquisition of spoken English can increase income (and buying power) by up to 30%, a win-win factor that benefits the entire community.