Money - A New Owner's Manual©

How to Manage It & Make It Grow
Keeping the money you earn and making it grow can be a challenge. "Money - A New Owner's Manual©" makes it easy. Basic money management; short and long-term goals; developing and maintaining good credit and high FICO scores; the difference between good and bad debt; finding extra money in your pocket; investment strategies, and the miracle of compound interest: How to turn $500 into $54,000 as you work your way toward a million... and much more.


Small Print and Lies©

Predatory Lending: How to Protect Yourself
Each year it's harder for the average person to understand the terms and conditions of almost any financial transaction: Loans, mortgages, credit card agreements are all confusing. The information you need is usually there, but it's buried in the small print. Predatory lenders: Payday loans, tax refund loans, auto title loans, etc... purposely make the terms more difficult to understand. "Small Print & Lies...©" tells you what to look for and how to protect yourself.


Open For Business©

A Guide to Building A Successful Business
Starting your own business isn't always a straightforward process. Some people take over their parent's business, Other's find their hobby of woodworking, web design, haircutting or car repair becoming a full-time business. Some folks just want to do something new or better and in today's economy, some people have to start a business to support their family. Whatever your reason, once you decide to start a business you should do everything you can to make your business a success. "Open For Business...©" helps you turn your dream into a reality. Sharpening your focus; brainstorming your idea; targeting your market; organizational structure, marketing and operations, time management... and finally, how to take care of yourself so you can be the best that you can be.