Kind Praise and Kudos
One of the best ways to measure a company is by what their clients and customers say about them. We work very hard to produce material that people will actually keep and use. And... we work even harder to keep our customers.
-Bill Hafferty, Publisher

"PocketVet... packs more valuable information in a small place than we have ever seen! At only $4.95 this is one of the most reasonable pet health care items we have seen in a long time. We think that every pet owner should have a copy of PocketVet close at hand."
-review by

"Working with you has been a delight and has resulted in a unique and high quality publication that is already serving us very well. The booklet you created for us fills the bill perfectly."
-Bill Leland, Community Development & Marketing
Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

"These convenient, accurate booklets are a treasure because they provide a vehicle for open communication among the Spanish-speaking community, school, business and employers.
Dr. Paul Nava, Director
Migrant Education - Region XI
Pájaro Valley Unified School District

"Community response to Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ has been very positive. We’ve used it with excellent results."

Lt. Manny Solano, Watsonville Police Department

"The Spanish in MiniMédico is user friendly and easy to understand. Everyone from farm workers to professionals will be safer with a copy of MiniMédico."
Arcadio Viveros, Executive Director
Salud Para La Gente

"PocketDoc™ - first aid essentials at a finger flip. It’s portable, simple, straightforward, authoritative and unambiguous. PocketDoc’s organized categories of do’s and don’t offer precise procedures that actually work."
-Bill Ingram, Editor Emeritus / The Medical Tribune

"Career Passport provides valuable information and skills to students seeking full or part-time employment and serves as a vital communications and marketing piece for VBEP."
Ron Hedlund, Executive Director
Virginia Business-Education Partnership

"Career Passport is 'Way Cool!' It's very accessible, student friendly's connected to dollars - student's like that."
-Dawn Kay, Utah State Office of Education

"Career Passport is one of the most valuable tools my clients take with them on a job search. Thank-you for creating a 'tool' that doesn't stay in the tool box."
-Mary Lewis, Manassas City Dept of Social Services, VA

"The Career Passport flipguides were a tremendous hit! The attendees loved them and were asking how they could order more for their students."
-Lisa Haston, Michigan Center for Career and Tech Ed.
Michigan State University
(2001 Governor's Conference on Career Development)

"We use the Career Passport in our Summer Jobs for Youth Orientations. These flipguides allow us to cover all of the necessary topics without having to pass out a lot of papers. And, the students are more likely to read these booklets than they would the handouts because the cover art catches their eyes. Career Passport is invaluable in teaching students workplace skills."
- Cynthia Lackey Executive Director
Concho Valley (TX) School-To-Work/Tech Prep Partnership

"PocketDoc is expertly presented and a valuable resource."
-Richard Coorsh, Director of Communications
Insurance Association of America

"Career Passport is the most concise guide we've seen and is a must-have for all students."
-Sandy Mittelsteadt - Partnership Plus! Bakersfield, CA

"Career Passport© is a huge success in Pinellas County. The Workforce office makes sure they are give to all seniors."
Susan Burnett
Pinellas Regional STW Tech/Prep Partnership
St. Petersburg, FL
"PocketVet is outstanding! If you have a pet, you absolutely need PocketVet."
Dave Tekrul, Host, The Morning Show
WAAM-AM Ann Arbor, MI