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School-to-Career Flipguides

Career Passport© (ISBN 0-9636603-7-3)

How to Get (and Keep) A Job
The ultimate pocket-size reference guide for job seekers. How to find the job you want, write a cover letter and résumé, call employers for an interview, make the best impression and then, how to keep the job and get promoted too... CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING

Internet Job Search©

Finding Your Job Online
The Internet can be your most valuable tool in finding the right job, but if you don't learn to surf effectively you can waste an incredible amount of time.

PASAPORTE hacia una PROFESIÓN© (ISBN 0-9636603-6-5)

Cómo Obtener y Mantener un Trabajo ¡Career Passport™ en Español! Now Spanish-speakers can have the nation's best pocket-size reference guide for job seekers. CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING

ROP Program Guide©

Santa Cruz County's Regional Occupational Program wanted a concise, one-shot overview of the entire program - a marketing and awareness piece introducing ROP and the career pathways to all incoming students and...

Cabrillo College


Need a job, but don't have the training? Cabrillo College's Fast Track To Work program is designed to provide short-term, intensive preparation for entry-level jobs that can lead to professional careers...

ACE - Another Chance for Education©

Created for the ACE Committee, Cabrillo College-High School Articulation Council and sponsored by Watsonville/Aptos Adult Education...

Financial Flipguides

Money - A New Owner's Manual©

How to Manage It & Make It Grow
Keeping the money you earn and making it grow can be a challenge. "Money - A New Owner's Manual©" makes it easy.

Small Print and Lies©

Predatory Lending: How to Protect Yourself
Each year it's harder for the average person to understand the terms and conditions of almost any financial transaction: Loans, mortgages, credit card agreements are all confusing. The information you need is usually there, but it's buried in the small print.

Open For Business©

A Guide to Building A Successful Business
Starting your own business isn't always a straightforward process. Some people take over their parent's business, Other's find their hobby of woodworking, web design, haircutting or car repair becoming a full-time business.

Medical Flipguides

MiniMédico©™ (ISBN 09636603-2-2)

Not simply translated, but entirely rewritten in Spanish, Mini Médico™ offers the Spanish reader instant access to all the same subjects and vital medical information as PocketDoc™... CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING

PocketDoc™©" (ISBN 0-9636603-1-4)

Self-Care Emergency Medical guide ranging from "Bites and Stings" to "CPR and Rescue Breathing." Over 40 organized medical categories that offer precise, straight forward, easy-to-read treatments and procedures that actually work. Newly revised and expanded (Oct 2001) to include disaster preparedness information... CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING


Language Flipguides

Inglés Esencial©™ (ISBN 0-9636603-8-1)

English language skills for Spanish-speakers
Inglés Esencial™ offers instant English language skills for Spanish speakers. Currently in revision...

Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ (ISBN 0-9636603-0-6)

Community Relations & English language skills
Inglés Esencial Para La Comunidad™ was created to strengthen relationships between public safety agencies and the Spanish-speaking community...


Other Flipguides

PocketDoc Quick-Tips Guide© for OpenLinux 2.2
Caldera Systems

When Caldera Systems, one of the hottest Linux software developers around, launched their exciting new version of OpenLinux 2.2, they wanted their new Linux-users up-and-running quickly...

Santa Cruz County Community Credit Union
Guide To Services©

The Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, a Savings and Lending Cooperative in Santa Cruz, California wanted to offer their new and existing members a comprehensive overview of the credit union's services...

Pets Flipguide

PocketVet™©  (ISBN 0-9636603-3-0)

Simply the most concise, authoritative emergency first aid guide available for dogs and cats. If you have an animal in your life, you should have PocketVet™©. "The perfect gift for a pet owner." (Kevin Sheehy, DVM) From "Vehicle Accidents" to "Vaccinations;" "Broken Nails" to "Skin Problems," PocketVet™© has over 45 organized first aid and wellness categories containing precise, straight forward, easy-to-read treatments and procedures that actually work...